About Queens of Cannabis

Map of Canada in weed http://kaletha.com/?p=309 Our mission is to provide education, tools and resources to patients and those left behind by the medical system regarding the benefits of canabinoids, how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and ways to reduce dependency.

cheap brand name lexapro Our goal is to be a community resource to individuals that are seeking a healthy alternative to traditional medications.

http://tenterhooks.nyc/category/uncategorized/ Our story We work to educate the public on how a marijuana prescription can help alleviate pain and enhance quality of life. Queens of Cannabis had a shop on Bloor Street in Toronto to help with this until the landlord had other plans. Please stand by as we build our online presence. Your support is appreciated.

Our support initiatives include donating to local housing support centers and community groups. Please contact us to find out how you can help with our food drive.

How cannabis and cannabinoids helped a body heal

Today the owner of Queens of Cannabis is a cannabis advocate and a social advocate for health, aboriginal, LQBTQ and disability concerns. Her path started long before 2015 at the time Queens of Cannabis began: when she realized that she couldn’t allow fear and stigma make her sit by idly and watch fellow Canadians be poisoned, like herself, by the over prescription of pharmaceuticals.

During her youth, the owner was in a few car accidents which included a serious accident at 14-years old where the vehicle she was in was t-boned at an intersection. In 2006, a careless driver drove in oncoming traffic on the wrong side of the road, she was left with a severe neck injury. She was put on every pain medication, muscle relaxant, and nerve numbing pill available and although it seemed to help, by November 2014 she developed intense stomach nausea, chronic vomiting, and an ulcer throughout her entire stomach. Doctors denied that the prescription pills (8 different pills x twice daily) were the cause and told her that if she stopped taking them she could experience severe withdrawal and could die from the shock of withdrawal. She had never once before been informed that this was a possibility, even though she constantly asked (instead she was treated like a hypochondriac rather than concerned for her health). Eating became impossible without debilitating illness and she rapidly began to experience starvation. Doctors began treating her as an anorexia patient and stopped listening to her concerns. By January 2014, she was so delirious from the pill diet and the inability to eat, she fell down a flight of 17 stairs rattling and hyper-extending her spine on each wood edge. Her injuries required her to stay within hospital for 5 weeks. At this point her employer, the Federal Government of Canada, forced her into full medical retirement at the age of 31. The following year consisted of unwarranted tests for HIV/AIDS, cancer, crohn’s disease, colitis, and doctors even tried to blame the “illness” on stresses related to being a member of the LGBTQ community. The experience left here a skeleton and caused extreme unnecessary stress and anguish for over a year, which resulted in PTSD from the experience.

In 2015, she obtained the MMPR from a licensed medical doctor rather than renewing her pharmaceutical pill prescription. Unable to take pain killers and with no desire to eat she turned to Cannabis and has never looked back. Cannabis and cannabinoids have helped her body heal, her quality of life has increased dramatically, and her mood has uplifted because there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel.